The healing power of magnets

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Many people across the world believe that magnets can heal.

In fact, magnetic therapy is a $5 billion industry worldwide.

Magnets are believed to aid in the treatment of depression, age-related mental decline, alzheimer’s disease, and schizophrenia, but the jury is still out on just how effective magnets are in treating these conditions.

What we do know is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration makes it illegal to market magnets to treat significant conditions like HIV, asthma, or arthritis.

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Magnetic therapy uses static magnets, much like our neodymium magnets.

Believers in polar therapy believe the north pole is the most effective, as it has a cooling, sedating effects, while the south could possible promote disease and increase pain.

While many believe the positive effects from magnetic therapy are the result of a self-induced placebo, it is very difficulty to tell because users can tell if they are receiving a placebo, or fake, magnet in trials.

In one trial there were negligible effects on blood flow and vascular resistance from placebo magnets to real magnets.

The first ionized bracelet was created in 1973 by Manuel L Polo. He created the Bio-Ray. While visiting Spain, Andrew Park bought a Bio-Ray bracelet, and believed it had reduced his lower back pain. He founded QT Inc, which began manufacturing Q-Ray Bracelets in the U.S. by 1996.

Q-Ray claimed that the bracelet is designed to achieve many of the same goals as traditional Chinese acupuncture. acupuncture was developed to balance the body’s Yin (negative ions) and Yang (positive irons), which is the same principle on which the Q-Ray operated.

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If you agree with the healing power of magnets, all the power to you! We at POLAR Pen just know one thing — magnets are a whole lot of fun.

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