POLAR Pen's Story


POLAR is the world’s first modular pen made from MAGNETS.

This beautifully simple product will transform into endless possibilities.

If you enjoy tinkering with things or are fascinated with the power of magnets, then this product is for you. The POLAR Pen is both fun and functional and will inspire you at work, school and home


  The POLAR Pen gained global recognition in 2013 when it was launched on the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter.  POLAR's modest goal to raise $14,000, in order to launch the idea, was smashed when over 14,000 people pledged.


The POLAR Pen is a creation developed by designer Andrew Gardner, a Canadian entrepreneur and head of INDIEDESIGN. The idea for the POLAR pen stems from Andrew's youth. As a young student, teachers often referred to Andrew as a pen mechanic because he was always taking apart his pen along with other things. He also has a strong passion for magnets as many people do. His interest in magnets started at the end of high school when he tried to conquer perpetual motion using magnets. Ever since then he has been incorporating magnets into his products and designs.  


The POLAR Pen is protected by multiple levels of intellectual property including design and utility patents. 


The POLAR Pen can be purchased at select retailers and online only at polarpen.com. There are several knockoff companies claiming to sell official POLAR product, please be mindful and informed before purchasing.  

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