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The general look of the pen has stayed the same, but that’s about it.  Every component has been redesigned and redeveloped to improve both the feel and performance.


  POLAR Pen Gun Metal




Here's what we updated! 

Refill   -   Components   -   Magnets   -   Packaging   -   Unboxing

The Refill

We have fully redesigned the POLAR Pen from the ground up, starting with the single largest improvement at the very core of the product. 


The new heart of the POLAR Pen features an elegantly smooth (0.5mm) black ink rollerball pen on one end and on the other, a 5 mm fine capacitive stylus for use on touch screen devices. We wanted the new POLAR Pen to be as elegant on the inside as it is on the outside; therefore, the new refill body is made from medical grade stainless steel. This pen is designed to be taken apart and now with its new metal body refill the product has a much stronger platform to modulate around.
The new refill is compatible with all previous version POLAR Pens and comes in three ink colors: Black, Blue and Red.    Buy Refills Here
POLAR Pen Refills Black, Blue and Red
With the new refill there is no need for the old independent stylus component.
Version 2.0 is still compatible with the Uni-ball Signo UM-1.
The Pilot Hi-Tech C is no longer compatible with Version 2.0
Subtle updates have been made to all the components to give the POLAR Pen an overall softer feel. With slight radiuses on the caps and clip the pen is more comfortable in your hands both when writing and fiddling.
POLAR Pen parts
The POLAR body is made from a series of high-powered rare earth neodymium magnets. New hybrid magnets have been developed that have the physical durability of an N35 yet have the magnetic strength of an N42 grade magnet. The rare earth magnets have undergone corrosion and surface testing to be as durable as possible.
Rare earth magnets, polar pen
We believe that we now have the highest quality magnets available.
That being said we know that magnets can fracture if dropped onto hard surfaces or repetitively snapped together. Therefore with every POLAR Pen 2.0, we provide two spare magnets.
Spare magnets
We are very excited about the new look and feel of the POLAR Pen 2.0 and thought it was necessary that the package was as cool as its product.
POLAR Pen packaging
exploded packaging
We now provide Free Worldwide shipping on all our pens and any orders over $35.
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