Spare Component Set - POLAR Pen
Spare Component Set - POLAR Pen
Spare Component Set - POLAR Pen

Spare Component Set


The "Spare Components Set" includes 2x Stylus tips, 1x End Cap, 1x Silicone tip protector.


Stylus tip - The capacitive stylus tip has been sourced from a leader in stylus tip technology. This is one of the narrowest tips available on the market with a width of only 5mm. The narrowness of this tip allows for greater accuracy in writing and also allows for it to fit inside a magnet cap for protection. The metal stylus component fits deep into the rubber tip to give the tool good pressure on your touch screen devices. The rubber tip can also be removed and replaced if needed.


End Cap - The End Cap component is made from steel and snaps to either end of the POLAR Pen. Not only do the End Caps aesthetically complete the POLAR Pen but they serve to protect the Pen magnets when dropped.


Silicone tip protector - This component gets inserted into the top magnet in the cap. The tip of the gel pen nests into the silicone to prevent it from drying out or leaking. This component is removable/replaceable and can fit inside any of the magnets. Every pen comes with one silicone rubber tip protector.



Metal Stylus components and Gold Magnet not included.