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Please take a look at our FAQ below, where we answer questions regarding the POLAR Pen's magnets, refill and IP . If you can't find the answer you're looking for shoot us a message, we will get back to you right away. 



Whats new about POLAR Pen Version 2.0?

The general look of the pen has stayed the same but that’s about it.  Every component had been addressed, redesigned and redeveloped to improve both the feel and performance.

Are magnets dangerous?
If magnets are ingested into the body they can be very dangerous. Please read our warning page here. Magnets used in their normal form pose no danger, many people even believe that they help with arthritis pain.
What are the magnets made out of?
The magnets are made from rare earth (neodymium). They are rated as N40 and are very strong. The magnets are also coated in nickel and then in either gold, gunmetal or silver finish.
Will the magnets affect electronics?
Magnets have no effect on cell phones, tablets and modern laptops with flash storage. We would not recommend putting them in direct contact with any spinning hard drive. Having said that, before putting magnets in contact with any electronics please research your specific devices.
Do the magnets affect credit cards?
The pens do not have an affect on modern plastic credit cards, such as VISA and MasterCard. Yet, it is not recommended to put the pens in contact with temporary or disposable magnetic strip cards, such as the ones used in transit systems and parking lots. 
What refill will fit in the pen and where can I get a replacement?
We have developed our very own high quality refill to be the heart of POLAR Pen. This new refill features a Swiss-made .5mm rollerball tip, stainless steel body and a 5mm stylus tip that has been attached directly onto the opposite end. They can be purchased individually here with the option of Black, Blue or Red ink.
 Will the new version 2.0 refill fit into my old POLAR Pen?
Yes! We are happy to say that the new refills have been designed to fit into all generations of the POLAR pen.
   What color ink comes in the POLAR Pen?
All POLAR Pens come standard with black ink but you can purchase replacement refills in black, blue and red here.
 Will the Pilot hi-tec-c still fit into the new Version 2.0 pens?
No. We have moved away from the Pilot refill. With slight shortening of the plastic body the Uni-ball Signo UM-1 refills will still fit.
Intellectual Property
Is the POLAR Pen protected by any Patents or Copyrights?
POLAR is a registered trademark of INDIEDESIGN Ltd. US-4564179 and EU-012926051. The unique design is protected by US copyright VA0001906414, EU design 002475947-0001/002475947-0002 and CN-303070178S. The function of the product is covered by utility patent filings  US-20150023718A1,  EP2829413A1 A and  CN-104442085A.
 I think I may have a bought a fake, how can I tell?
There are several counterfeit / knockoff companies claiming to sell official POLAR product. If your pen arrived in any of the following packages you have a genuine POLAR Pen. The POLAR pen can be found at select retailers (both online and in stores) note you will not find official product on amazon, ebay or any other mass online marketplace. Please be mindful and informed before purchasing, as we will not be able to replace these items.  


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